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Looking for a Residential Roofer in Wilson, NC? OUR TEAM CAN HANDLE ALL YOUR ROOFING NEEDS

When your house needs a new roof, you need someone reliable to get the job done right. Having a safe and up-to-date roof is immensely important to the protection of your property and assets. SCB of Wilson Inc. offers residential roofing services in Wilson, NC. Our team can replace your roof safely and efficiently.

A damaged roof could put you and your family at risk. A skilled residential roofer will make sure your new roof is safe and updated. We can also replace and repair shingles on small commercial buildings. Contact us today to schedule a residential roofing appointment.


After a large storm rolls through, your roof may sustain some damage. If you think your roof was damaged during a storm, don’t hesitate to call a professional residential roofer. To spot a leak, walk around your home and look for discoloring on your ceiling or water streaks on your walls. If you notice any water leaking in your home, call 252-399-9008 immediately.

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