Build a Durable Garage on Your Property

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Are you sick of parking your car on the street or blocking your driveway? It's time to think about building a garage on your property. SCB of Wilson Inc. has 30 years of experience building beautiful garages in Wilson, North Carolina.

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3 reasons to build a garage on your property

3 reasons to build a garage on your property

Not sure if you need a garage? You should think about installing one to:

  • Protect your car. Parking your car in a safe, covered garage protects it from being hit or damaged from the elements.
  • Store extra items. Garages are great places to store tools and extra furniture that you don't want in the house or exposed to the elements.
  • Expand your living area. We can build a detached garage with a bonus room above it that you can use as a guest suite or a home office.

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